The Best Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

With the holidays fast approaching, we frequently get questions about gifts for gun owners or gun enthusiasts. Since we are a shooting range and training facility, and because hey, we like guns, our suggestions are usually driven towards firearms and their accessories and use. And why not? One of my favorite holiday moments was giving one of my daughters her first rifle. She still has that gun and uses it for Steel Challenge matches.

So, my first suggestion? A gun.

the best gifts for gun enthusiasts

What type? That depends on what the recipient likes to shoot. For the defensive minded shooter, something with a light rail in a heavy-duty pistol is always a nice gift. I’m partial to the CZ 75 series of handguns and so are many Law Enforcement and military units around the world. The CZ -75 and its’ derivatives are some of the most popular duty guns globally and they have caught on with civilian shooters here in America. The CZ-75 SP01 is a fantastic pistol. It is a large service style gun that has a light rail for mounting a flashlight or laser. They are accurate and in addition to serving as a home defense gun, the SP01 has become very popular in action shooting sports, so your loved one can become proficient and have fun with their new gun. If you want to jump up in price, the Sig Sauer P226 is one of the most trusted handguns for duty use. While it costs more than the CZ-75, the fit, finish, and overall quality of these fine handguns are legendary. This gun also has a light rail for attaching accessories. Both of these guns are very popular and getting holsters, spare magazines and other accessories will be quite easy.

the best gifts for gun enthusiaststhe best gifts for gun enthusiasts

For the long-range shooters, we offer the value priced Bergera rifles. These are available in several popular calibers including the .308 and the 6.5. Both cartridges will hold their own in long range shooting and these rifles will not disappoint in either accuracy or ergonomics. That they are priced well below comparable rifles makes them even more attractive.

If you are looking to outfit the newer or younger firearm enthusiast, the Browning Buckmark .22 caliber pistols are great. In fact, to this day I go through more .22 caliber ammunition than any other cartridge. The Browning Buckmarks are great pistols and can be used for plinking or even our Steel Challenge matches. And in that capacity, the gun will be competitive and the owner will be able to afford a lot of practice ammunition.

best gifts for gun enthusiasts

What if your loved one has enough guns (actually, this has been scientifically proven to be impossible, but for argument’s sake we can run with this)? California Tactical Academy has a number of other holiday gift ideas for gun owners.  We run a number of different classes which are an excellent training value.

Rifle, pistol, competition or defensive-minded classes are all available and make a great gift.

the best gifts for gun enthusiasts

We have had a number of people book private training as gifts and this is a fantastic option because it can be tailored to the recipient’s needs or goals.  Does your loved one just enjoy shooting at their own pace? Book a range or get them a range membership. A range membership, to their preferred range, would be a wonderful gift that they can use regularly throughout the year.

the best gifts for gun enthusiasts

If all else fails, California Tactical Academy offers gift certificates. These are available in a variety of denominations and can be purchased either at our pro shop or the website. These can be used for classes, competitions, ammunition or other accessories for gun owners and enthusiasts.

the best gifts for gun enthusiasts the best gifts for gun enthusiasts

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