NAVY Seal Rifle Concepts 3.5-Hour Course


This course is designed for beginners and those who want to refine their shooting platform, re enforcing good habits and breaking any bad habits that may have developed over time. You will focus on efficiency and speed while building an improved muscle memory. During this class we guarantee that each shooter will decrease their shot placement by 50%, increase their overall speed, improve their weapon handling and safety, and overall capabilities. When you leave this course your confidence level in your capabilities with be much greater.

Course fee: $175

Available dates: Jun 8th, June 9th, August 11, 2019

Time: 12PM-3:30PM (Arrive at 11:30)



Subjects covered:

• Rifle concepts (Stance, grip, finger placement, sight alignment/focus, trigger manipulation, recoil management)
• Understanding the shooting correction chart and how to correct for shooting errors
• Weapon handling and safety
• Situational awareness to prepare you for more advanced training
• Eye dominance
• Benefits of single eye and two eye shooting
• Sight focus vs Target focus
• How to grade shot placement and overall improvement

Required gear:

• Rifle
• Holster (No cloth or cross draw holsters)
• 2-3 rifle magazines
• Magazine pouch (Recommend no cloth holsters. If you need guidance feel free to contact us)
• 500 rounds of ammunition
• Ear and eye protection
• Appropriate clothing attire
• Gun lube and cleaning kit
• Water
• Snacks

Cost: $175
Length: 3 hours
Time: 12PM-3:30PM (Arrive at 11:30)
Level: All levels
Prerequisites: None


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