NAVY Seal Led Handgun & Rifle Combative And Seal Techniques

Dates: July 13, 2019

Time: 8:30 AM – 4 PM

Cost: $400 for new / $325 for returning SEAL program trainees

Head Instructor: Jason Pike former SEAL team 7.
Course location- Range number 35

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Course Topics:

In reality, the way you shoot in real combat is much different than how you shoot paper targets that don’t shoot back. Learn some of the next generation techniques employed by Special Forces and former Navy SEALs.

In this Pistol AND Rifle course you will learn: 

  1. How to shoot properly, quickly and accurately for combat situations.
  2. Combat marksmanship fundamentals.
  3. Gear setup.
  4. Weapon manipulation.
  5. Mechanics and muscle memory.
  6. Single vs. multi-tasking drill.
  7. Target Shooting vs. sight shooting.
  8. The 7 Navy SEAL combat marksmanship fundamentals.
  9. How to shoot and move.
  10. Know your foreground, background, and next shot.
  11. High-stress reaction drills and multiple targets.
  12. Tac reloads and malfunctions on the move.
  13. Many misconceptions and errors taught by almost all tactical schools.
  14. Various shooting positions
  15. SEAL – mindset and other SEAL field techniques.
  16. Intro to room clearing, home invasion strategies.
– High-stress reaction drills and multiple targets.
– Weapon retention
– Target acquisition.
– Threat recognition.
– Malfunctions.
– Back up sight deployment.
– Cover and concealment
– Shooting while moving.
– GroundWork
– Close quarters protection drills. (single and multi-man)
– Introduction to bounding in teams.
– Rifle to pistol transitions.
– Many misconceptions and errors taught by almost all tactical schools.
– Various shooting positions
– SEAL – mindset, and techniques.

Learn the skills that will allow you to respond faster and more accurately,  with methods proven on the battlefield! Spots are limited Sign up quickly before this course is filled.


Basic shooting knowledge and range experience.  Understanding of gun safety and range rules.  You must supply your own handgun and rifle.  Ammo requirements are approximately 350-400 pistol rounds and 700 rifle rounds.

Please bring the following to the course:
1. Pistol and AR platform rifle.
2. Rifle Sling.
3. You may also bring a vest and armor if you have it.
4. Holster with retention.
5. Ear and eye protection.
6. 4-5 rifle magazines. 3 pistol magazines.
7. Proper clothing for the weather. Multiple sets in case there is a change in weather.
8. Snacks and plenty of water.
9. Please clean your gun in advance of the course or bring your gun cleaning kit with you.
10. Notebook and pen.
11. Sunscreen.
Course schedule:8am-4pm
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