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long range shooting los angeles

The simple joys of shooting steel at long ranges

Posted on December 26, 2018

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I consider long range rifle shooting to begin at 500 yards and extend from there. Everyone has their own idea of what long range shooting is, but that is my starting point. Inside of 500 yards is my medium range and inside of 100 yards I consider short range.  I was first introduced to long range shooting in the Army. I was lucky enough to attend a course called SOTIC and there we shot out
the best gifts for gun enthusiasts

The Best Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Posted on December 12, 2018

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With the holidays fast approaching, we frequently get questions about gifts for gun owners or gun enthusiasts. Since we are a shooting range and training facility, and because hey, we like guns, our suggestions are usually driven towards firearms and their accessories and use. And why not? One of my favorite holiday moments was giving one of my daughters her first rifle. She still has that gun and uses it for Steel Challenge matches. So,
paper targets
I enjoy shooting steel targets. I like the quick feedback and the ease of set up. I don’t have to go down range to confirm a hit or tape holes. However, steel targets are not always the best choice for the range. In fact, depending on what you want to accomplish, they may be detrimental to your practice. Paper targets might make the best range target for you. Consider this recent experience we had with
range gear

Shooting Range Gear You Need to Have

Posted on September 12, 2018

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Here at California Tactical Academy, we frequently get questions from new and even some experienced shooters, as to what they need for a fun and safe range day. The answer really depends on what the shooter is hoping to accomplish. However, some items are absolutely essential. First off, have personal protection items. Eye wear and hearing protection is always required at any reputable shooting range. Believe it or not, in the not too distant past,
We get many requests from new hunters for guidance on what rifle to buy for hunting purposes. The field is awash with many choices of both rifle brands and styles, as well as calibers. So, in response to those questions, I will offer up a few suggestions. But before I do, I want to lay a little truth on you. The rifle, and the bullet are a distant second to one thing that will dictate