Self Defense and Concealed Carry

The United States in general, and California in particular has seen a marked increase in the granting of concealed carry licenses. Contrary to many hand wringers who might get a case of the vapors at the mere sight of a firearm, there has not been blood running in the streets as a result of [...]

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Buying a Firearm Does Not Have to be Intimidating

Not too long ago, in one of our classes, we had a student share with us, that walking into a gun store for the first time made him feel as if he was doing something wrong. This is not uncommon for people who have not grown up around firearms, or are otherwise left to [...]

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The Value of Membership can exceed the value of the membership

Sometime back, when I first got interested in shooting, a friend wanted to give me a few pointers so we decided to go shooting. I was aware of an indoor range nearby but he insisted on driving out to the desert. I realized his choice when we arrived. Once there, my friend set up a [...]

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Private Training or a Formal Class?

Someone looking for practical knowledge, in a variety of topics, might find they are sometimes faced with a choice of either seeking private tutoring, or a group class. Both of these options have strong support as a learning venue. The group class often offers a lower cost per hour training rate due to the [...]

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