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The California Tactical Shooting Academy

Welcome to California Tactical Shooting Academy, we offer more than 1,500 acres of land, along with 50 different shooting range bay configurations full of exciting activities for the gun enthusiast. CTA is the only place in Southern California offering shooting competitions, tactical training, a public range, private bay rentals, private events, membership options, and more, all in one location!

Activities at California Tactical Shooting Academy

NRA Competitive Shooting Programs

Shooting Competitions

Are you an active competitor? Never tried? We have the place for you! From beginner to expert level, CTA offers a verity of competitions where everyone from beginners to the best shooters has a place to compete. We are the home of shooting competitions like USPSA level 1, Steel Challenge, X3 gun, IDPA, Speed shooting, etc.

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A Place to Shoot is an outdoor Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Target Shooting Range located in Los Angeles County of Southern California.

Public Shooting Range

There are not many outdoor shooting ranges in the state of California open to the public with 1000 yard shooting bays. At the California Tactical Shooting Academy public range, we offer a unique experience and sets of targets ranging from 50 to 1000 yards. For a $20 daily admission cost per shooter you can shoot rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

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Civilian Firearms Gun and Tactical Training Solutions

Tactical Training

With our highly experienced instructors, you will see great results so you can feel comfortable protecting yourself and your family. Only practice is the key to feeling safe when owning a firearm. Here you’ll work on the daily routine and the emergency scenarios that will get your confidence to act right when the time comes.

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Private Gun Range & Spots for Firearms and Pistol Practice in California

Private Range Rental

Are you looking for some quality time at the range? Don’t want to shoot with the public? Want to have your privacy? Get your private shooting location set up that will suit your needs! We offer unique shooting bays that can upgrade your shooting experience! Bring your friends & family to rent your private location and upgrade it with catered food, delivered ammo and much more!

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Our SEAL-led training program, Marines sniper courses, and VIP protection courses allow you to experience how it feels to be ready.

Specialty Training

Whether you’re an avid shooter whose trips to the range are getting monotonous, or a tourist looking for a thrilling experience, the CTA special training is for you! Our SEAL-led training program, Marines sniper courses, and VIP protection courses allow you to experience how it feels to be ready. You will learn leadership skills and have adventures that happen only once in a lifetime.

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Private Gun Range Events California

Private Events

California Tactical Shooting Academy is not only a shooting range but also perfect for celebrating a memorable birthday, a family vacation and other milestones. Our event coordinator can help customize a package to suit your group size and your experience. You can shoot firearms or have a shooting competition while enjoying a BBQ, and celebrate any occasion with the ones you love.

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Tactical Training Seminars Los Angeles CA

Firearm Rentals

At CTA you will be able to rent a number of different firearms. This course is an approved CCW training course required by the Ventura County Sheriff Department. Here you will learn the required training in firearm safety and the law of the permissible use of a firearm.

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Personalized Firearms Training in California

Personalized Firearms Training

Try our one on one tailor made training program with our training shooting experts! Choose your topic- shooting matches, tactical training, home defense and more and get your private class. We offer special class bundles that will upgrade your level and save you $.

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Personalized Firearms Training in California

Gun Range Membership

For those who visit us often, we would like to offer you a CTA membership. Each membership comes with special offers, usage level, and interests. Members will enjoy unlimited entries to our facility, selective discounts on tactical training, rentals, access to shooting matches, and more.

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